The concert of PINK FREUD was their third appearance in SPATiF over past five years. this time they turned out along with Pete Warham, a saxophonist  of punk-rock pedigree from the UK. Despite another advertising campaign called the national mourning SPATiF was bursting at the seams. jazz.

Even our celebrated wordsmith, Milord de Molo, couldn`t get in, not in the least because he hadn`t a membership card, Wojtek Mazolewski and his friends were performing a good deal of catchy jazz – punk tunes. Kuba Staruszkiewicz, who had his plaster taken off two days before, after he had taken a beating from two thugs, played pretty well but he paid the price – a large swelling on his leg. Summing up, Pink Freud began a nationwide tour well…well because the kick-off was in SPATiF and it was real jazz.